Why reincarnation? What’s the purpose?

The Vedic literature offers two answers.

First, we’re being given a chance to live out our desires. You want to fly? Take the body of a bird. You want to swim? Take the body of a fish. You want to drink blood? The body of a tiger. Fool around and have sex all day? The body of a monkey.

Second: We’re being given repeated opportunities to attain spiritual realization, break free from material entanglement, and resume our eternal nature in the spiritual world. The Vedic writings are meant to guide us in achieving
this goal.

By vishvambarvyasadas108

If reincarnation is a fact, how does it work?

According to the Bhagavad-gita, whatever we think of at the time of death determines what sort of body we’ll take next. And of course what we think of at death depends largely on what we thought about and what we did during our life. The process is subtle, because the mind is subtle.

The Bhagavad-gita explains that the mind, at death, carries with it subtle conceptions, just as the air carries aromas. And these subtle thoughts are what shape the next body. They determine what sort of eyes one will have, what nose, ears, and tongue, what sort of hands and legs and other bodily features. These all assemble around the mind.

The Vedic writings tell us, also, that our karma—what we deserve for our past acts—proceeds not only from what we have done in the present life but from past lives as well. My present birth, then, is an outcome of what I have thought and what I have done in the past.

Are human beings always reborn as human beings? According to the Vedic literature, no. Some are, but others are promoted to still higher forms, forms beyond our present experience, and others are degraded to lower species.

Sometimes, for example, we see a person living just like a pig—dirty, sloppy, gluttonous. We may think he even looks like a pig. According to the Vedic teachings, such a person, already practically a pig in consciousness, may get the body of a pig in his next life.

The Vedic writings say that there are 8,400,000 species, most of them lower than human. In the lower species, the living beings always act precisely as nature dictates. They have no choice. A horse always acts like a horse, a tree like a tree. You never see a tiger stealing oranges.

And so the living beings in lower species always advance to species higher. Slowly, one step at a time, they are promoted by nature from one species to the next.

But human life affords us greater choice. We can live in harmony with nature’s laws, or we can violate them. And accordingly we may be promoted or degraded. The human life is therefore meant for spiritual realization and for gaining freedom from the cycle of birth and death. No other species offers us this opportunity.

By vishvambarvyasadas108

If it does survive, where does it go?

by Jayadvaita Swami

Eternal heaven or hell?

There are problems with that.

  • It implies that God is cruel—he gives no second chance.
  • It implies that God is unfair—he stacks the deck in favor of some souls, against others.

    For example, a person born in a good Christian family will get every opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ, put his faith in Christ, and, according to Christian teachings, be saved. But if you’re born in an atheistic or unenlightened family—well, tough luck.

  • It leaves no sensible way to explain why people (or, for that matter, any living beings) are born in different circumstances.

    Why should one person be born rich, another poor, one healthy, another diseased? If we live only once, it seems the best you can say is “It’s just chance”—which is no explanation at all.

Or perhaps we merge into some sort of spiritual oneness.

Perhaps. But this seems to presuppose that the soul has its origin in spiritual oneness too, emerges from that oneness as a personal being, and then returns to that oneness again.

This leaves many questions to be answered.

    • How and why, from that oneness, would personality emerge?
    • Why, from oneness, should a plurality of personal beings appear? Why in so many varieties? And what could determine what those varieties will be?
    • And why would the living being automatically return to that oneness again?

The idea that personal beings somehow spring forth from an impersonal oneness runs into problems like the ones mentioned above. But even supposing it’s true, why suppose that at death we automatically merge into oneness again?
Of course, we can speculate that only some of us do, or that we do so only under certain circumstances. But then we’re back to the original question: What happens to the rest of us, or where do we go meanwhile? That is, If personality does survive, where does it go?

The Vedic answer is that at the end of one lifetime we embark upon another.

The Bhagavad-gita says, “As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.”


By vishvambarvyasadas108

ReIncarnation: Does some aspect of our personality survive bodily death?

by Jayadvaita Swami

Some say no. But there are strong reasons for thinking it does. You’ll find some of them discussed later in this article. Meanwhile, here are the basic teachings of the Vedic philosophy, the teachings given by the ancient wisdom literature of India.

According to the Vedic literature, the psychophysical entity with which we now identify ourselves is not our true self. The true self is neither the body nor the mind, nor a combination of both. The Vedic sages tell us that the body and mind are but gross and subtle coverings of the self.

Underlying these temporary coverings, the real self is a spark of spiritual consciousness, eternal and unchanging but temporarily misidentifying itself with matter in the form of the body and mind. And this real self, the Vedic sages
tell us, survives the death of the body and lives on.



By vishvambarvyasadas108

The Psychology of the Eternal Soul

Today, we will be critiquing one of the most debatable articles in the world. Even though we don’t realize it, the information presented in this article, is a psychologically perplexing problem in society at the current moment. It’s a question that ponders all our minds, everyday, and all the time. We all thrive after it; we want it more than anything. We ask about it, for it, and we still don’t get answers. The long awaited solution is here. A solution to turmoil, pain, anxiety, suffering, agitation of the mind, bad luck, and negative incidents that all come from the wondrous human mind has been released.

The solution has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, we just don’t go back directly to the source. Right now you’re probably dying to hear the solution. First, let’s develop a psychological basis before understanding the solution. For one, we identify with material comparatives. What? Let’s break it down… We compare with material subjects, objects, characteristics, and bodily features. Psychology is first of all predominant on four levels. In order, psychology is split up into a physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual platform. Society does not currently put spiritual advancement as a priority on there to do list. Not to say, you can’t do whatever else you are doing at the moment, but we also need to prioritize our lives. We are a naturally depressed society based on demoralized conduct and immoral activity’s has no hope. We can provide the simplest solution to lasting happiness. If you want to be proactive, and become mentally strong, change your life by taking a step in the other direction. You can still have eternal happiness and fun in the course of spiritual advancement. The truth and brilliance in this one piece can make any person make a better decision for their everyday life.“People believe they can be happy are trying very hard for this in the material world which is a place of suffering full of death. The reality is that every way we try to get happiness in the material world will disappoint us in the end. Everything ends in frustration. That is the reality of the material world. But the general public is not aware of this. The mistake is thinking if we satisfy the body we will become “happy.” Today there is so many endeavors to increase the comforts of the body. But we are not the body. We are the soul within the body.” Look at it this way, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, the greatest philosopher of all time, has compared our lives to a bird in a cage. What’s the use of shining the cage and making it appealing and beautiful (our body), if the bird inside the cage is dead? By taking so much care of our own material pleasures and trying to always gratify our own senses what will we overcome? This is a serious psychological problem among most of society currently. We are obese, depressed, and have lost all hope. Some of the greatest influences in the world today follow this psychological cure, but so many refuse to even try it. What’s the harm, it is only going to better us! Alfred Ford, Einstein, Elvis, Mahatma Gandhi, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and numerous others have tried this method and wouldn’t trade it for the universe.

We know drugs are not the solution, and we make this world a fake place to call true happiness. We know we are all suffering in some sort of aspect. No one can pretend their not suffering. We believe this world is the source of eternal pleasure. The population in general is educated in sense gratification and the bodily concept of life so natural they will suffer from stress, anxiety and so many other problems. This is a problem with the way the society is being run, it is not the fault of the individuals. Generally psychologists presently are not feeling much joy and happiness in their lives, even though some may disagree. “ Often their lives are just as bad as their patients.” We can’t change the past. Moving forward does not require us to analyze our past, it’s to take a step forward in the right direction. We just have to see our position at the moment and plan for the future. Meditation is the supreme psychology because it solves all our problems on all four platforms. It is about mind and sense control. The process will make the mind peaceful and purify the body. And the exact details of how the soul, the mind and body work and how to get them to work correctly is true psychology. Here are some suggestions that might aid your plan for a better future:

1. The lifestyle people are expected to live in the modern world is unreasonable so Naturally suffering will entail.
2. The preconception of psychologists that there is something “wrong” with a person who has inner turmoil and suffering as a result living within the modern world is an incorrect thinking. This is quite natural and to be expected.
3. The idea that the problem is caused by one’s childhood experiences is false. There is a very serious problem with modern society. It is affecting everyone, no matter what their childhood upbringing was like. Even people who had good childhood experiences still suffer from mental turmoil trying to live within the expectations they are given by the media and the advertisers, etc.
4. The problem cannot be solved by drugs.
5. The solution is Meditation
So in conclusion, true, eternal happiness can’t be found in a material world (drugs, etc.), but in the spiritual intellect of the individual.