Board Positions

If you would like to be on the International Bhakti Yoga Society Board, please fill out the below info:

The only requirement(s) at the moment to be on the board is:

1) Enthusiasm about Bhakti Yoga

2) A keen interest in Bhakti Yoga

3) Self-Determination and a grasp of the Bhakti Yoga principles

4) The want to be able to share these principles.

5) Want to get a bigger and better grasp of the Bhakti Yoga Concept

6) Dedication in Bhakti Yoga, attendance and volunteer work

You are very lucky to be in the first group of IBYS students.  It is usually a whole lot more difficult to become VP, Trainer,etc.

Take Advantage of this opportunity!!!! 🙂

If you qualify with the above please fill out the form below:

If you fill in the last two boxes, you may or may not have a greater chance of being chosen!

We are Democratic, so this form does not engrave your name in stone for this position.  We will still vote. This just qualifies you.

Good Luck,

May you Lead a Life LESS ORDINARY,



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