Attached To Your Car?

“It is quite interesting to note, especially for Americans, that in those days they did not use Ford, Chevy, Benz or Rolls Royce but beautiful chariots, hand carved, with silver and gold. Beautiful horses and elephants were the methods of conveyance. From this we can understand that a great king could feel very proud of his chariots decorated in newest design, with good horses, and so on. Naturally he could be attached to it and go around showing off his buggy to everyone.

But it is mentioned here that Ambarisha Maharaja was detached from all these things. In the material world, you find that sometimes people are very proud of their vehicle. It is a very big status symbol for them to have a proper vehicle. Some people, even if they do not have a big town house, feel very proud if they have a nice vehicle.

The point is, although Ambarisha Maharaja had his vehicles, friends, family or even his own treasury, he simply took shelter of Krishna, and did not remain attached to these things. He accepted them to whatever extent he needed. He used them, but he was not attached to them. This is really being liberated, while in the material world, whether one has or does not have these things, one must not be attached.

It is actually more difficult to have something and not be attached. If we do not have something, it is easier to be detached, in one sense. But most people do not have, and they are still attached to possessing things-they like to have.”

HH Jayapataka Swami
Lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam
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By vishvambarvyasadas108

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